1.1 The association shall be known as the Essex Security & Fire Protection Association   (ESFPA)


1.2 The ESFPA has sole rights over the use of its logo and name. wp53e2caae_0f.jpg


1.3 The ESFPA has sole rights over the use and content of its web site


1.4 The ESFPA has sole rights over its membership, constitution and objectives.


1.5 The ESFPA has sole rights over all its business and day to day running of the association.




2.1 The ESFPA will endeavour to promote and extend knowledge for the benefit of its members in all matters connected with security and fire protection by:-


2.2 Organising seminars and training events for members.

2.3 Organising visits to places of specific interest of members.


2.4 Making available and/or bringing to the attention of members, technical documents,     codes of practise, legislation, products, best practise and services associated with the   interest of the ESFPA.


2.5 A regular newsletter

2.6 Access to the ESFPA web site (


2.7 Permitting use/reference to/of LOGO/Name on Officers & members private business  stationary for the purposes of promoting the ESFPA.


2.8 Opportunities to network and encourage an interchange of opinions between members at formal and informal meeting/events.


2.9 The ESFPA Executive Committee and its members shall be encouraged to promote the benefits of ESFPA and seek new members at any appropriate opportunity.


2.10 Encourage members to facilitate business between themselves.


2.11 Encourage members to foster working relationships with their local communities, Neighbourhood Policing Teams, Arson Task groups, and other organisations working towards safer neighbourhoods.




3.1 Membership shall be open to all persons involved in security or fire protection and associated businesses and services or having responsibility for such matters at their place of work.


3.2 Those persons in any business associated with the manufacture, design, distribution of any associated security and fire protection equipment and or services.


3.3  Those persons in any business associated with, training, insurance, contingency planning, Health & Safety or consultancy in relation to security and fire protection.


3.4 The Executive Committee shall determine whether an application is accepted and may in its absolute discretion approve or refuse any application without giving reasons.


3.5 Membership shall not be closed or obstructed in any way to any person eligible as at points - 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, on the grounds of, age, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, belief, sexuality, sexual orientation or any disability.


3.6 Membership shall be for a period of 1 year from the 1st of the month following the AGM, normally held the second Wednesday in April or as soon as practically thereafter as determined by the Executive Committee.


3.7 Membership shall be remain open to those whom were former members of the association and have now retired from their profession on age can remain members on payment of 50% of the annual subscription.


3.8 Corporate membership shall be 10 x that of a single membership and open to companies, businesses, emergency services, local authorities etc. whose business or employment of staff is to carry out duties covered by points 3.1,3.2, 3.3. of the constitution and compliant with point 3.4.  


3.9 Ten or more members may attend any meeting or AGM of the ESFPA but have only full voting rights up to and including ten members as at 3.8.


3.10 Those members holding corporate membership shall not hold more than one position on the Executive Committee per each corporate membership.


3.11 Life Honorary Membership, free from any subscription can be offered by the Executive Committee to former members who have now retired and had shown an outstanding contribution of personal time and commitment over a number of years to the benefit of the ESFPA and its members.


3.12 A Life Honorary Member shall have the same rights and privileges as a full paying member. He or she will abide by all points of the constitution.


3.13 Failure to pay a membership subscription within three months of the due date will result in the membership being suspended until such subscription is paid in full.


3.14 The Executive Committee may be suspended or withdraw membership (with or without refund of subscription) from any member, if that members conduct by action or words has a negative impact on any of the objectives or business of the ESFPA and/or the integrity of its Officers and members. Only the Executive Committee may reinstate such a suspended or withdrawn membership.


3.15 Any member causing or having their membership suspended as at points  3.13, 3.14 of the constitution shall lose all privileges of membership


3.16 The interest and rights of a member are personal to that member and are not transferable to any other.




4.1 The Executive Committee shall be elected annually at the AGM. It shall comprise of the Officers:- Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and at least one other member from both Essex Police and the Essex County Fire & Rescue Service (from which subscription has or has not been paid).  Other members may be sort for further positions on the Executive Committee in relation too:- Vice Chair, Webmaster, Data Controller, Membership Secretary, Events Secretary and media liaison.  Volunteer members will also be co-opted to the Executive Committee from time to time to assist with its business.


4.2 All Officers and members of the Executive Committee other than the chair shall have the right to vote on all matters so requiring such action.


4.3 Maters requiring a formal vote will require a quorum of at least 4, made up of Officers and Executive Committee Members.


4.4 The Chair or in their absence, firstly the elected vice chair or if no elected vice chair, the secretary shall have the deciding vote.


4.5 All voting matters at the AGM shall be determined in the same manner.


4.6 A record of attendance and minutes shall be kept.




5.1 The AGM will normally held the second Wednesday in April or as soon as practically thereafter as determined by the Executive Committee.


5.2 The business to be conducted at the AGM shall be:-


     Chairs report for preceding year.


     Adoption of the audited annual accounts for the preceding year ending 31st March.


     Election of Chair to take immediate effect.


     Election of Executive Committee, to take office as of close of AGM.


     Election of two auditors.


     Members to vote on any other matters so relating to the business of the association in order that it may carry out its objectives and maintain business as usual.


     Any vote on constitutional change shall be determined by the presence of at least 10% of the membership.


     A non majority vote shall be determined as at point 4.4. of the constitution.


     Any other matters relevant to the business of the ESFPA.


5.3 A record of attendance and minutes shall be kept.


5.4 The AGM will be held within the County of Essex.




6.1 An ex-ordinary general meeting may be called at any time by the Executive Committee to determine any important business of the ESFPA that can not be dealt with within its constitution, business as usual or held in abeyance until the AGM.


6.2 Ex-ordinary General Meetings will be held within the County of Essex.


6.3 A record of attendance and minutes shall be kept.




7.1 All members shall be required to pay an annual subscription other than those referred to in point 3.7 & 4.1of the constitution.


7.2 The amount of subscription shall be determined by the Executive Committee and subject to confirmation at the AGM.


7.3 The subscription shall be determined by what is considered to be a fair sum of monies in order that the daily business of the ESFPA can be carried out in the forthcoming year




8.1 There shall be a General Fund to which all monies belonging to ESFPA shall be credited.


8.2 The General Fund shall only be used to the benefit of the association, for cost in relation to:-


     Hire of meeting rooms


     Hire or purchase of equipment i.e. projectors, screens , computer & P.A.


     Stationary and associated cost.


     Postage and telephone cost.


     Bank Charges.


     Speakers fees where necessary.


     Buffets  (other than supplied by a sponsor and may require where necessary a small   charge from those in attendance)


     Maintaining Web site.


     Registration –Data Protection Act.


     Executive Committee Officers & members can be reimbursed any legitimate expenses incurred carrying out their duties on behalf of the ESFPA and on production of a valid VAT receipts.


     Any other expenditures so determined by the Executive Committee.


8.3 The accounts of the General Fund shall be audited annually.





9.1The Treasurer shall have custody of and be responsible for monies and account books of ESFPA.


9.1The funds of ESFPA not required for immediate use may be invested in such a manner as the Executive Committee may lawfully approve.


9.3 The Treasurer shall produce account books, invoices, receipts and other documents to the Executive Committee, whenever requested to do so by the Executive Committee or Chair.


9.4 The Treasurer shall produce to the Executive Committee an income and expenditure account and balance sheet annually.


9.5 The accounts of the ESFPA shall be made up to the 31st March each year and audited by a suitable person who shall be elected for the ensuing year at the annual general meeting held in April.


9.6 The auditor shall not be a member of the Executive Committee nor eligible to serve on any sub-committee which handles ESFPA funds.


9.10 The bank account of the ESFPA shall beat a bank to be decided by the Executive Committee and be in the name of ESFPA.


9.11 All cheques shall require 2 (two) signatures, at least one of which shall be the Chair or Vice Chair.


9.12 The Executive Committee shall have limited power to borrow monies so far as is necessary to enable ESFPA to participate in the Direct Debiting Scheme or any other suitable scheme as an originator for the purposes of collecting membership subscriptions. ESFPA (for this purpose only) may enter into any indemnity required by banks upon whom the Direct Debits are to originated.   Such an indemnity shall be executed for ESFPA by the Executive Committee members authorised to sign cheques.




10.1 Seminars and meeting will be held at any place so determined by the Executive Committee in order to facilitate best value and benefit to its members.


10.2 Seminars will normally be held the second Wednesday in January, June & September.


10.2 Seminars will normally be free to every Officer and member unless so determined by the Executive Committee.


10.4 All Officers & members are encourage to escort a guest for a seminar for which no charge will be made, unless so determined by the Executive Committee.


10.5  A guest may only be a guest on one occasion. Thereafter they must join the association.


10.6 Sponsorship will be encouraged and sort for venue, buffet and speakers.


10.7 Each visiting speaker representing a commercial organisation may be charged a sum so determined by the Executive Committee and based on the numbers of members and guest present at each of the ESFPA seminars.


10.10 Sponsors facilitating the event on their premises whether supplying a buffet or not     will be exempt from the charges at point 9.7 of the constitution.


10.11 Visiting speakers representing a commercial organisation at a sponsored venue   may be charged as a point 9.7 of the constitution.


10.12 All visiting speakers must have their own public liability insurance.


10.13 All sponsored venues must be insured and covered by a fire risk assessment.


10.14 Meetings, formal or informal will be held at any place so determined by the Executive Committee.


10.15 No business requiring a vote will be dealt with at these meetings.  Those matters should be dealt with at Executive Committee meetings, AGM`s an Ex-ordinary General Meetings.


10.16 Meetings may be held approximately 6 weeks from a seminar or the AGM


10.17 These meetings will normally be networking opportunities for Officers, members and guest.


10.18 A small charge may be required or cost shared by those in attendance.


     i.e. held in restaurant each person present paying for themselves and/or guest.


10.19 A meeting may be sponsored by individual members or non-members.


10.20 A meeting may be sponsored by the ESFPA if so determined by the Executive Committee to benefit the Officers and members of ESFPA.


10.21 Social events may occasional be organised by ESFPA for the benefit of Officers and members of ESFPA and be subject to a charge.


10.22 Attendance at social events may be open to, spouses, partners, family members and friends of Officers and members of ESFPA, who will not be subject to points 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 of the constitution.


10.23 ESFPA social events will not restrict attendance to persons on the grounds of, age*, race, ethnicity, gender, religion or belief, sexuality or sexual orientation or any disability. (*except by age where attendance on licensed premises or other location is prohibited by law.)


10.24 Seminars and formal meetings shall have a record kept.




11.1 For any reason the ESFPA is caused to be terminated all properties or monies  owned by ESFPA and not subject to any lawful claim on such property or monies by any third parties, shall be disposed of in the following manner:-  


11.2All  property shall be sold and monies received transferred to the existing ESFPA current account.  All monies owned by the ESFPA will be transferred to the same account.


11.3 These monies will then be used primarily to refund some or all of the existing  Officers and members current years subscription.


11.4 All remaining monies will be equally divided between the ESFPA named      beneficiaries and ESFPA bank accounts closed forthwith.         


11.5 ESFPA named beneficiaries:-


      Essex County Fire & Rescue Benevolent Fund.


      Essex Police Benevolent Fund.

      Essex Victims Support Scheme.


      Broomfield Hospital `St Andrews` Burns Unit.  


11.6 These beneficiaries have been selected by the Executive Committee as they address  the needs of victims of crime or fire related incidents.


11.7 This list of beneficiaries may be changed at any time by the Executive Committee.




12.1 So far as may be permitted by law, every member of the Committee shall be entitled to be indemnified by the Association against all costs, charges, losses, expenses and liabilities incurred by them in the execution or discharge of their duties or the exercise of their powers, or otherwise properly in relation to or in connection with their duties. This indemnity extends to any liability incurred by them in defending any proceedings, civil or criminal, which relate to anything done or omitted or alleged to have been done or omitted by them as a member of the Committee and in which judgement is given in their favour (or the proceedings are otherwise disposed of without any finding or admission of any material breach of duty on his or her part), or in which they are acquitted, or in connection with any application under any statute for relief from liability in respect of any such act or omission in which relief is granted to them by the Court.


12.2So far as may be permitted by law, the Club may purchase and maintain for any member of the Committee insurance cover against any liability which by virtue of any rule of law may attach to them in respect of any negligence, default, breach of duty or breach of trust of which they may be guilty in relation to the Club and against all costs, charges, losses and expenses and liabilities incurred by them and for which they are entitled to be indemnified by the Association.




13.1 The ESFPA Executive Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of  this constitution and its decision upon any matters not provided for by the constitution shall be final and binding.


Essex Security and Fire Protection Association